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Good Sport Issue 04


Good Sport issue 04 heads left field into a theme we’re all craving now more than ever – Community. 

Things you’ll find in this issue: mothers, modularity, buttered fingers, digital doubles, boxing as art, a new type of storm, room for the weirdos, clothing more radical than racing 100miles across Namibia and a Basketball comp that shares D.N.A with Rucker Park. 

Things you won’t find: play-by-play stats, ’marketing-friendly’ running photos, draft-pick banter, a tennis jacket buyers guide or protein supplement discounts. 

Available for pre-order NOW, however, given the restrictions on movement faced by many, we will share all the ways you can get the magazine around the world. Please stay tuned (and don’t forget to thank your delivery person).

Pre-orders of Issue 04 will include a special risograph poster of our cover image. These are limited to the first 50 orders.

Cover: Grand Bassin by Sample-cm photographed by Nathan Ceddia in Berlin, Germany in late 2019.

Features:  Pop Trading Company, Prahran Summer Jam, Fancy Lad Skateboarding, HalfTimeLondon, Grand Bassin Sample-cm, Mimic Productions, Vollebak, BikeStormz, Godfried Donkor, The Patta Running Team, Manoj Dias.